What is AFT?

It’s a company dedicated to the creation and manufacture of orofacial
markers, which can now also be used with any compatible face scanner on the market.
Also, we create easy & accurate protocols that we incorporate into the purchase of
our markers.

Where are the face scanning system components available for purchase?

AFT Dental System sells and ships AFT markers and protocols anywhere in the world. Contact us and we will advise you to get the rest of the components of your face scanning system.

Do I need an intraoral scanner to use the 3D face photo?

No, you just need that the dental technician has a lab scanner and one of the following design software, updated with the most recent version (Exocad, 3shape, Zirkonzahn, Ceramill, Nemotec.)

Face- bow or articulators? Both of them are very difficult to use.

The registration that you get by using the 3D face photo and our aligners is the same that you get when using an analogical face- bow. You will be able to easily use in every case the semi- adjustable articulator. These digital articulators are usually incorporated in softwares of dental design.

Is it possible to align the 3D face to a CBCT?

Yes, usually the CBCT is aligned to the patient’s teeth searching for equality areas and once the CBCT is aligned to the teeth, it will be aligned to the 3D face.

How are the clinic- laboratory steps with AFT?

The clinician takes the dental impression registrations, bite and 3D face photo.

The dental technician receives the registrations of the patient and then they are transferred to the design software, so that the case can be successfully created on the first try, thanks to the accurate information, provided by the clinician.

Which are the AFT benefits?

You will not have to repeat orders/ works anymore, due to deviated medium lines, dropped occlusal planes and sizes or shapes of incorrect teeth or not accepted by patients. You will not have to take wax bite registrations for crowns and bridges and the articulator and the analogical face- bow will not have to be used, which will save you time and costs for clinical and dental lab materials.

Why do I need the AFT?

It has been proved that getting the face registration is as important as taking the dental models or bites.

How can I use the 3D face photo in marketing, for the acceptance of quotes?

Use the HTML file of Exocad or use screen shots videos.

Is AFT a digital design of the smile similar to DSD?

No, AFT takes the 3D face registration of the patient to work with predictability between the clinic and the dental lab.

Apps like DSD have been made to create a smile design onsite and in clinic, to be used as marketing strategy.

Questions answered personally by:

Daniel Martin Reina
CEO of AFT Dental System.