The accurate information avoids mistakes during treatments

The offer of more customized and visual dental treatments makes the difference

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System One Benefits

  • Functionality and Esthetic in one system
  • Faster and more accurate planning
  • More visual and customized dental budgets
  • Marketing for latest clinics
  • Reduction of trial and error during dental treatments
  • Easy system use for clinicians and dental technicians
  • Easy clinical protocols to help you in your everyday routine
  • Now, with AFT, the use of the semi- adjustable articulator is very easy

AFT System One Applications

Impression–taking and control of occlusion

Prosthesis over implants

Dentures for edentulous patients

Implant Digital Planning

Study and planning of orthodontic cases

Case presentation and treatment planning

Virtual wax-up diagnose

Indirect veneers

Conventional fixed prosthodontics